Is Time Travel Really Possible?11 Stories that Prove Time Travel is Real

is time travel really possible?
(Last Updated On: February 1, 2019)


Is Time Travel really possible? Time Travel Proof

Have you at any point longed that you could time travel and re-try something?

We as a whole have. Today, however, we will find out about individuals who may have done quite recently that… or so it appears. While the greater part of these accounts is likely simply urban legends, as per the laws of material science, traveling through time isn’t totally impossible.

Truth be told, somebody may have effectively done it; we just won’t discover until some other time! You’ll need to peruse our rundown to discover more. All things considered, we are NOT saying that these are proof of time travel.

The majority of these have been invalidated by cynics and researchers. In any case, a few people still trust that these photographs and stories could be authentic proof of individuals who have returned in time or are here from the past.

What do you think? Is time travel real? Yes, sure! These are 10 cases of time travel that some accept are valid with proper time travel proof!

Time Travel Proof

Rudolph Fentz

In 1950, a man with sheep hack sideburns and Victorian-time duds sprung up in Times Square. Witnesses said he looked startled, and after that a moment later, he was hit by a vehicle and murdered.

On his individual, the police found nineteenth-century cash, a letter dated 1876 and business cards with his name – Rudolph Fentz. None of these things hinted at maturing.

A Mrs. Rudolph Fentz was found. She was the widow of Rudolph Fentz, Jr., and the story went that lesser’s father vanished bafflingly in 1876. Peculiar, isn’t that so?

In the long run, it was found that this urban legend began from a 1950 short story composed by Jack Finney. Finney would proceed to compose the works of art Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Time and Again.

John Titor

How’s life in the year 2036? “Sustenance and animals are developed locally. Individuals invest substantially more energy perusing and talking together up close and personal.

Religion is considered important and everybody can increase and partition in their minds.” That’s a section from John Titor. Titor, a traveler from the future, first appeared on web dialog sheets in 2000, making forecasts about the years ahead. In 2001, he came back to the year 2036. The greater part of his forecasts did not work out as expected.

Andrew Carlssin

If none of this surprise but this story might force you to think it is time travel possible?

The alerts went off on Wall Street and with the SEC in 2002 when obscure financial specialist Andrew Carlssin immediately parlayed $800 into $350,000,000 by means of some high-hazard stock exchanges. Carlssin was captured. He admitted that he was from the year 2256.

It diverts out the story started from that ever-electrifying wellspring of fakery, The Weekly World News. Ten years on, the story is as yet being reproduced and coursed. What can be a better time travel proof than $350 million?

The Chronovisor

Less time travel but rather more time voyeurism. The Chronovisor, an enchantment TV/camera that could tune into times and places from the past, was developed during the 1950s by a Benedictine priest named Father Pellegrino Ernetti.

He utilized it to film the torturous killing, and that recording, alongside the Chronovisor itself, is presently allegedly covered up away in the vaults of the Vatican.

Hakan Nordkvist

Discussion about pipe dreams. While completing a little DIY plumbing, Nordkvist snuck past a wormhole in time and was all of a sudden gone up against by a more seasoned variant of him.

The two talked. They looked at tattoos. They reinforced. What’s more, Nordkvist shot it on his telephone. Apparently, it was all piece of a publicizing effort by an insurance agency to advance the advantages of annuity designs.

The Philadelphia Experiment

As per legend, in a mystery analyze done in 1943, the US Navy could render the destroyer USS Eldridge imperceptible, at that point dematerialize it and transport it from Philadelphia to Norfolk, Virginia, and back once more.

One record demands the ship went in reverse in time by an entire 10 seconds (however how that was resolved is as yet scrappy).

The analysis apparently had horrible symptoms, for example, making mariners stay undetectable. Mystery government extends regularly to encourage a wide range of whimsical stories, however, this one has persisted, and was even the premise of a 1984 motion picture.

Ettore Majorana

On March 27, 1938, an Italian researcher by the name of Ettore Majorana vanished on a pontoon among Palermo and Naples. His vanishing made waves far and wide, yet no follow was found.

At that point in 1955, a photograph of a man taken in Argentina surfaced that looked precisely like him. Examination even indicated 10 of similitude between their appearances. Given that he appeared to be identical, a few people guessed that he had constructed a time machine.

Billy Meier and the Plejaren

Relatively few time travelers have photograph collections with previews of their voyages. Meet Billy Meier. During the 1970s, the Swiss-conceived Meier was gone up against a couple of ordered joyrides by a race of extraterrestrials called the Plejaren.

They indicated him ancient earth with dinosaurs, the surface of old Mars and even acquainted him with Jmmaneul, the genuine Jesus.

Meier’s vacation pictures of the Plejarens’ shuttle ended up being a creatively designed waste can top. The dinosaurs were hazy shots of delineations from a book called Life Before Man. What’s more, the pretty Plejaren young ladies? Photographs that Meier had taken of artists from The Dean Martin Show on his TV screen.

DuPont factory worker

In a horde of specialists leaving a DuPont manufacturing plant in Massachusetts in 1938, you can see one lady who is by all accounts chatting on a mobile phone.

As per a lady professing to be her grandkid, the woman in the photo was trying out another remote phone created by organization researchers.

Montauk Project

This alludes to a progression of analyses completed at Montauk Air Force Station on Long Island where the military purportedly tried different things with time travel. Faultfinders, notwithstanding, assert that this story became out of the Philadelphia Experiment legend.

Andrew Basiago and William Stillings

In 2004, Basiago, an American legal advisor, professed to have been a piece of DARPA time travel tests during the ’70s. Purportedly, they had sent him back to the Civil War, and Mars. In the long run, a few others approached, including a man named William Stillings.

He too professed to be a piece of the trials and proceeded to guarantee that the US government had sent more than 100,000 individuals to a mystery Mars base yet just 7,000 endure.


So what do you think ? Is time travel really possible or it is a real fantasy? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment box.If you like this article please also don’t forget to share it with your friends also.



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