10 Long-Term Effects of Living in a Technological World

Long term effects of living in a technological world
(Last Updated On: January 11, 2020)

What are the long term effects of living in a technological world|Technology is all around us. It makes the world go round. Technology powers our homes, our offices, our factories, and even our social interactions. It has changed the way we interact with the world. On the one hand, it has made our lives convenient.

You can order food, groceries, consumer items, and even services from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, it has distorted our human connection.

What are the long-term effects of living in a technological world?

Those are just two aspects of technology. In reality, technological advances have affected many other areas. The thing about technology is that it grows exponentially. Think about the entire story of human evolution to the discovery of electricity. Then look at humankind since the discovery of electricity.

Technology changes fast, and sometimes it is hard to keep up. Can you imagine living without technology and its everyday conveniences? You are reading this blog right now on your phone or computer. Even 50 years ago, nobody could have imagined how far humans would progress.

But does this progress come at a cost? We will leave you to decide that for yourself. But here are some effects of a technological world that can help you make your decision:

  • Ease of Communication
  • Convenience
  • Accessible Education
  • Improved Healthcare
  • Accessible Information
  • Dependency
  • Reduced Competency
  • Environmental Effects
  • Disconnection

Making Humans Obsolete

Let’s take a brief look at each impact of living in a technological world.[Effects of technology in our lives]

Ease of Communication

There is no denying that technology has improved communication. It has made it easy to connect with people. Distances don’t matter as much anymore. Older forms of communication almost don’t exist anymore. Technology offers email, SMS, Social media, telephones and video calls to help you connect to people with ease.


Technology has in many ways made life easier for us. We accomplish most of our daily chores at the click of a button. We can schedule appointments, order food, download movies, and stream videos easily. All without ever leaving our homes.

Apps like Uber make it easy for you to get from one place to another. You can shop for just about anything you need on the internet. There are even apps that allow you to work on self-improvement.

Accessible Education

One positive impact of technology and the internet is accessible education. Modern technology has improved the education system for everyone. Students can attend virtual classes and online courses. Technology lets students study at their own pace and absorb more knowledge. The barriers to education have broken down considerably.

Improved Healthcare

One area technological advancements have improved is healthcare. Healthcare today is much different from even a few decades ago. Cutting-edge research has taught us more about diseases. We now know more about our genetic structure than ever before. Better equipment makes detecting and treating diseases easier. Many harmful diseases are now curable thanks to the way technology has progressed.

Accessible Information

An internet connection and a device are all you need to search for relevant information. Search engines like Google have indexed a huge chunk of the web. This makes finding and accessing information much easier. Easier than at any point in our history, at the very least. Technology has also made newspapers obsolete. It lets people stay up to date on current events right on their devices.


Technology has certainly made our lives easier. But many argue we have grown too dependent on it. We look to technology to handle all our tasks for us. Most disturbingly, we are helpless when our devices or appliances breakdown. It has become harder for an average human being to survive without technology to help him or her.

Reduced Competency

As we grow increasingly dependent on modern tools and technology, our creativity suffers. When you’re used to a calculator, you probably aren’t so good at mental math. If you were in an exam situation without a calculator, you would probably flunk. The more we grow dependent on technology, the more our intelligence suffers.

Environmental Effects

Things like modern smartphones and batteries need huge amounts of precious natural resources. The technology boom is majorly responsible for a lot of harm to the environment. Plus, the fuels that we burn to keep our gadgets running pollute the environment considerably. If this keeps up, the world may become irreparably damaged.

Making Humans Obsolete

Machines are more efficient than human beings. They can run for longer hours and accomplish more work than human labor. This resulted in many companies laying off significant portions of their workforce. Machines are slowly replacing humans, especially in manufacturing and industrial settings.

Technology connects us to people all over the world. But it also takes away the human aspect from our social interactions. Instead of meaningful interactions, people engage in sharing memes, emojis, and gifs.

According to Statistica,the trend of using emojis is on high rise and almost 230 new emojis has been released in 2019. It is calculated almost 700 million emojis are used daily in Facebook alone, with New Year’s eve being the most popular day to use them, according to the social network.If you like emojis here is a very good emoji guide which you can check.

This is slowly creating a disconnect among people, especially the younger generation. There is also a stronger feeling of loneliness when nobody interacts with you even though everyone has the means to do so.

Whether good or bad, technology is changing the world and impacting our lives. How this pans out in the coming years remains to be seen.

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