10 Future Medical Technology Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Future Medical Technology
(Last Updated On: November 24, 2019)

future medical technology predictions|Where is the future of medicine going? Do you have this question in mind?

I bet you have.

Technology is moving first and honestly speaking it is overwhelming at times!

Science and technology in the medical field are growing exponentially!

Things we can’t imagine today is the reality of tomorrow! The future of medical technology is no exception.

In this post, I will quickly point out some amazing Future medical technology predictions & advancements which will really fascinate you!

So let’s start us the journey.

Future Medical Technology Ideas & Predictions

#1 Cognitive Computing

Believe it or not, we are living in an era where data is shaping our daily lives. So isn’t it great if we can mold this huge amount of data in our benefit? Welcome to  Cognitive Computing where computers and AI can help us just to do that! Cognitive Computers like IBM Watson can scan the 23 million medical papers, medical textbooks to match with the patient’s medical history and then suggest the most appropriate solution for the doctors to consider.

This is something which can never be achieved if manually done!

This lets doctors focus on the patient more carefully rather than find the complex solution!

#2 Augmented & Virtual Reality

VR and Augmented reality is the next big thing which can shape the technology in the medical field.VR can empower the patients to experience the granular details of the medical procedure & what it really looks like in real life in advance!

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#3 Genomics

The Human Genome Project which began in 1990 and was completed in 2003, is an evolutionary step in the history of medical science.

As you all know, the main motive of this project outstanding project is to understand the blueprint of the human DNA. It also reveals a limitless scope of innovations which can enable to deliver personalized medical dosage and customized recommendations for each and every individual. So as the treatment will be customized it is assumed the speed of recovery will accelerate significantly. Genomics will also help in the advancement in the fields of medicine, biotechnology, and the life sciences.

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#4 Robot Assistants

With the increase of AI & Robotics, Robot Assistants are increasingly in demand.

These Robot Assistants can be broadly divided into 5 categories:

Biorobotics: These robots are specially designed to help and assist the doctors and surgeons.

They are mainly used to measure the state of the disease, tracking the progress that can speed recovery from stroke or an injury.

Telepresence Robots:

These Telepresence robots mainly facilitate the communication between the doctors or medical professionals to evaluate and provide medical treatments from remote locations. So distance is not an abstraction!

Surgical Robots:

As the name suggests these surgical robots are used to carry out complex medical surgeries like joint replacements, open heart surgery etc with higher precision and accuracy.They can operate even with the absence of the doctors which makes them true assets of the organization.

UV Disinfection Robots:

These robots are used to disinfect the specific area within a minutes and make it free of bacteria, viruses etc.

Rehabilitation Robots:

Again used for very specialized purposes like regenerating the appropriate neural connections etc.

#5 Home Scanners

Did you hear of medical tricorders?

These are the specialized home medical scanners which can work just by holding it against your temple.

It measures temperature, heart bit rate, and hemoglobin (that’s what carries oxygen in your blood) levels under 10 seconds with 99% accuracy rating. That information then transmits via Bluetooth to a smartphone app.

Now you can easily check it yourself at home without visiting the doctors’ chambers.

The interesting part is that this data comes handy when you really visit your doctor’s chamber. Now you have a  wealth of data which will give your doctor a very good scope for early diagnosis purposes.

#6 Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the study of extremely small particles, ranging the size of 0.1 to 100 nm.

But guess what, small is BIG here!

Nanotechnology is claimed to play a very significant role to study various cellular process in molecular level.

Scientists have been applying Quantum dots in particular to real applications in imaging.

#7 Growing organs in labs

Do you have ever imagined growing a human heart artificially in a medical laboratory?

This may sound a little weird but chances are we can have this technology evolve in the coming years.

For example, there are  Nano filters that act as an artificial kidney is a very successful approach.

Scientists have already grown human cells in pig embryos which can be utilized to grow other vital human organs like kidney, lungs into the animal body.

Then it will be only the matter of time to transplant those organs to the human body.

So the cases of multi-organ failure can be reduced by a significant amount.

Growing organs from a patient’s stem cells will be a reality in the future.

 #8 Anti-aging Therapies will help us to Live More

We all want a long life and nobody wants to die early!

But the reality is we can’t control the aging process as it is considered as normal.

Normally, human cells are mortal and cannot forever replicate themselves.

The replicative lifespan is termed as “Hayflick limit” and it is directly proportional to aging.

The DNA repeats are part of the protective capping structures, known as “telomeres,” which safeguard the ends of chromosomes from unwarranted DNA rearrangements that destabilize the structure of the genome.

Scientists are working on the process to increase the telomerase activity which can resist the aging process through certain checkpoints.

#9 The universal translator

Often language is a barrier for providing medical advice from a remote location. Suppose you have to attend a remote medical surgery taking place in Sumatra while you are in Chicago.

So isn’t it great to deliver your medical assistance in the native language of Sumatra?

You speak English and the universal translator will do the translation for you!

So both parties can understand the best!

#10 Gaming Meets Healthcare

Mixing interactive gaming with healthcare is becoming the latest trend to treat patients these days. Often playing the games can release the tension, relaxes the mind and help them recover fast.

So many healthcare institutions are offering these games into their overall medical treatment to deliver better results.

Last Words:

Hope the above new medical technologies can open up your mind and can shed new light on the medical technology in near future!

If you liked the post, feel free to comment below. I would love to response back.

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